Switch and Bait

Karlie, Apparently More Frizzy Than I Recall. Operation G.O.F.

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Since it's Band Camp season, here's a few reminders →


  • drink plenty of water
  • always wear sunblock
  • if your band camp requires you to pack yourself a lunch, take something healthy
  • pizza is not healthy
  • if you don’t understand something, just ask someone to explain it to you
  • drink plenty of water
  • also drink Gatorade
  • do not drink soda/pop
  • if you…


this is one of FIDLAR’s favorite songs to play live because everyone goes insane ya feel?

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Return The Favor | We Are Scientists

Personality is worthless
If love is what you drew out of me


I’ve had to reapply to IPFW three times already and they say that “Northrop hasn’t sent in any transcripts” for me even though I’ve sent them twice. Now I don’t know if I can send them again because school is closed. And even if I do get in I’ll be stuck with whatever left over bullshit classes I can possibly get into. I need help ASAP or I’m going to be years behind. Fuck.

PS I realize now even if I could get in I now have no one who can cosign my student loans any way. Like of course my sister gets 2/3rds  of her tuition paid by her parents but me? Nah. Karlie will be fine on her own. Meh.



Mental illness probs: being unsure if you’re relapsing or just having a bad week.

This consistently scares the shit out of me, every single day.

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The Eastern Sea // Plague

i remember girls whose bodies i adored

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